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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of DreaMstyling located in Rotterdam, registered at the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam under number: 52500179. These general Terms and Conditions apply to the renting and reserving the apartment Place2BEach located at Vuurtorenplein 60 in Noordwijk operated by DreaMstyling.

1. Confirmation of the rent
a. All reservations will be confirmed via email. The confirmation and approval of these Terms and Conditions constitutes the signing of a preliminary lease agreement between the recipient of the confirmation letter (tenant) and the sender (Landlord).
b. Upon receipt of the deposit; which is to be paid within 7 days after reservation confirmation, the reservation is considered final.
DreaMstyling will only accept bookings from persons over 18 years of age. Groups of youths will not be allowed to make reservations or reside at the apartment operated under the name of Place2BEach by DreaMstyling.
2. Rental Costs
c. The Base Rent amount is included in the rental cost of the apartment, as stated on the website, and also includes;
d. -free parking in private garage
-Consumption of gas, water ,electricity
-Wifi –connection and digital TV
-kitchen package
e. Not included are:
Tourist taxes € 2,10 p.p. a night (changes can be made by Noordwijk)
1 Mandatory final cleaning (broom cleaned)
2 Mandatory bed sheet and Towel packet charged at € 15,- per person
3 A cash deposit of € 150,- (200,- with pets), is due upon arrival.
3. Payments
f. The tenant shall, within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation, pay a deposit equal to 50% of the rent. This amount is clearly stated on the order, and must be paid into bank account of DreaMstyling NL71INGB0004005715. Once the deposit is received, the reservation is finalized. If the deposit is not received within 7 days, the booking is deemed null and void. You can no longer claim the apartment, and if you so desired, a new booking would need to be made.
g. The apartment Place2BEach and the surrounding area are to be treated with care, and kept clean and tidy. To this end, a deposit of €150,- (200,- with pets) is due when you check in. This deposit will then be refunded, net of any damage and unpaid charges upon departure.
h. The remaining payment is due eight weeks before arrival, and is payable into the same bank account of DreaMstyling. For reservations made less than eight weeks before arrival, the whole amount is due upon receipt of the confirmation.
4. Changes and Cancellations
i. Alterations
1 Alterations to a booking can be made up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period and are charged at €15,-.
j. For cancellations the following charges also apply;
1 If the booking is canceled up to 4 weeks prior to the booking start date, 50% of the fare will be due;
2 If canceled within 4 weeks of the booking start date, 100% of the fare will be due;
3 a cancellation by the traveler should always be received in writing via post or e-mail. The cancellation notice should specify the name and booking number.
k. Cancellation by the Landlord
1 DreaMstyling reserves the right to proceed with cancellation of the lease / rental agreement up to 56 days before arrival and automatically should there be any suspicion of illegality surrounding the booking and or the data provided, or any direct risk to any of the apartment Place2BEach.
All customers are recommended to take the cancellation insurance.
5. Regulations
l. Check in time is 15:00 and check out is 10:00 (between the hours of 09:00 – 10:00 (departure) and 15:00 – 16:00 (arrival) our hostess will guide you)If you arrive are going to arrive after 17.00 you are advised to contact us on 0(031)6 48 35 65 98
m. Pets are allowed at the apartment,a fee of 20,- will be charged. Please note the applicable municipal rules for your dog on beach. You can find it on the website of the municipality of Noordwijk. (HYPERLINK)
n. The tenant must comply with all other house rules, which are included in the welcome folder inside the apartment.
o. The apartment Place2BEach is a non-smoking area this also applies for the whole building.
p. Open fires and Barbeque events are not permitted under any circumstances.
6. Liability
q. Guests are expected to treat not only the apartment, but the surrounding area, with respect. Any damage to the natural environment around the apartment can result in guests being requested to leave the property.
r. DreaMstyling does not accept liability for theft, loss of or damage to property or persons of any kind during or following a stay in a beach bungalow, unless there is criminal intent or gross negligence on the side of DreaMstyling or (one of) its employees.
s. DreaMstyling is not responsible for failures in service or defects in any third party services rendered.
t. You (the tenant) are responsible for all loss and / or damage to the rented property and / or other properties of Place2BEach that arise during your stay, whether it is as the result of acts of negligence of yourself, or any other members of your party. You indemnify DreaMstyling for all claims relating to damage to third parties arising from any act of negligence of yourself, other members of your party, or any third parties who are your companions and present within the bungalows with your permission.
u. You are expected to keep the property you are renting clean and tidy. Any improper conduct or excess cleaning requirements within or around the accommodation will result in an extra services charge of €50,-. This is payable immediately, or it can be deducted from the deposit.
v. Excessive noise will not be tolerated.
Large groups of visitors or parties of any sort that involve large numbers of guests are not permitted regardless of duration of your stay.

7. letter of guarantee arrangement
On arrival the tenant signs a guarantor’s form. All damage which by or on behalf of tenant or his peers to the leased property is made, has to be reported at the hostess by the tenant before departure and will be paid directly. After departure our hostess checks the accommodation and any costs will still be recovered throughout the letter of guarantee control on the tenant.
8. Complaints

a.Complaints must be reported to the hostess as soon as posible so DreaMstyling has the chance to investigate the complaint and to arrange / propose a resolution. Any complaint submitted an inordinate amount of time after the event results in the nullification or any right to a refund.
w. If guests have to leave the apartment early, they are not entitled to a refund from Place2Beach.
If a complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, the tenant should state their case in writing within 1 month of the date the complaint arose. This should be submitted to DreaMstyling o.v.v. Place2BEach, postbus 12185, 3004GD te Rotterdam or by email to After this period the right to refund is removed.
9. Other
x. The rental agreement is made in accordance with Dutch law.
The terms and conditions above supersede all previous publications